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Intercept is a party that we can truly depend on

*This interview took place in 2021. Good to know: since 2022, TrueLime offers customers 24/7 hosting support via Intercept.

For more than 20 years, 'the digitization of the future' has been the common theme in TrueLime's work. The digital agency develops digital platforms and cloud solutions that its customers use to communicate and collaborate better. Such as websites, digital workplaces and portals. 

"90 percent of our solutions run on Azure," says Bram den Boer. He is a system administrator and Azure specialist at TrueLime. "At our office, we don't have servers anymore. Everything runs in the cloud. From our applications, to documents and telephony." 

Strategic collaborations

TrueLime has been working closely with Microsoft since 2008. The Microsoft Gold Certified Partner made its first steps to Azure in 2012. TrueLime develops member, customer and employee portals, on this platform. For clients such as BOVAG and FNV. "Our focus is on developing the solution, not on hosting it," says Bram. “With the help of Intercept we are able to offer our clients 24/7 hosting support.”

Azure Expert MSP

The collaboration with Intercept intensified when TrueLime started looking for a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP). The reason for this was Microsoft's decision to phase out the Enterprise Agreement (EA) contract. TrueLime asked three parties, including Intercept, to write a proposal. "I had heard that Intercept was doing good work at FNV," says CTO Hans van der Linden. "That experience was an important factor in our decision. In addition, they were the only ones with Azure Expert MSP status. With the other parties, I missed the flexibility in the monthly contracts that Intercept offers."

Working with Intercept also provides benefits to Bram. "If I get stuck on complex challenges, I can access the knowledge I need," he says. "Intercept can open doors at Microsoft that we as users can’t. They also respond promptly when we have questions, without running up a bill right away."

"Intercept can open doors at Microsoft that we as users can’t."
Bram den Boer System administrator and Azure Specialist at TrueLime

EA to CSP migration

By mid-2020, it was time for the Azure EA to CSP migration. "It was an exciting challenge," admits Bram. "It's not something I do every day. In the preliminary process, I had prepared several migration scenarios. And I was personally guided by a technician from Intercept. As a result, I knew it was going to work." And it did. Despite some slight bumps, says Bram: "Those were due to the choices we had already made in Azure in 2012. But they have all been resolved and the customers did not notice a thing. As a result, I have every confidence that if something really does go wrong, we have found a party we can truly depend on." 

Intro the future

Now that the migration is complete, it's time to look into the future. "It is becoming increasingly easy to build complex solutions within Azure. Because of the various integrations that Azure offers," says Bram. "This ensures that in the future we can focus more on turnkey cloud solutions. To which we add customizations or specific customer requirements ourselves," adds Hans. "We are ready for it!" Bram concludes enthusiastically.

Do you want to migrate from an EA to a CSP too? Or are you curious about the advantages this will bring you? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

"We can now focus more on turnkey cloud solutions. To which we add customizations or specific customer requirements ourselves.''
Hans van der Linden CTO