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Improving your application and infrastructure environment is a continuous process. The first step to achieving this is already done when you have chosen Azure.

Why you should move to cloud-native resources

Regardless of where your journey starts, you will have an advantage using cloud-native resources, whether you choose to go fully SaaS or not. Moving away from infrastructure services reduces complexity, creates efficiency, and results in cost savings. Integrating with value-adding cloud services allows you to improve your solutions by providing capabilities that previously would have been time and cost-intensive to develop on your own. If your application environment meets the requirements, you may even sell your application through the Microsoft Marketplace or others.

The solution that best fits depends on your application, business goals, and customer requirements. If your organization is willing to take the next step, you can successfully move from a legacy environment to new cloud-native architectures and capture the advantages such architectures offer.

IaaS to PaaS

Why would you want to go to PaaS?  In addition to making your environment more robust, scalable, and secure for less money, PaaS prevents you from constantly reinventing the wheel. Anyone who purchases PaaS services invests considerably less time in building and maintaining software and infrastructure workloads. You then have room to invest in development activities which provides added value and a competitive advantage.


Refactoring your application and using AKS

A container is a reliable way to package and run applications in multiple environments, whether this is your own laptop, Microsoft Azure, private data center, Amazon Web Services, or a combination. A container isn’t dependent on the platform where it is deployed. So it isn’t that difficult to imagine that a lot of ISVs and software-driven companies want to leverage the power of containers and, with that, AKS.

Intercept helps you to set up a scalable AKS environment through our managed AKS landing zone, incorporating all our best practices that include governance, security, and availability. By using this, you can also start using microservices and become more cloud-native. We’ve simplified our best practices on AKS deployment into 12 steps so that you just need to think of the basic implementation, and we will take care of everything else, including full-stack monitoring.

Application Modernization

Transitioning to Azure with a legacy application is never an issue. We can deliver your application to every end user globally, but in the end, you want to transform your application on Azure and go as cloud-native as possible. Usually, this means a bit of recoding of the software as well. Research shows that this is the soundest strategy to be successful in starting function shipping and improving your application.

We have automated scans that check your code base to see if it is fit for the cloud, and if not, what to improve. We also scan for security, obsolete code, and open-source tooling that you might want to check before going full SaaS. The result of the scans determines the amount of development needed. We have developers on board to help you speed up the process. Whether you want to go fully SaaS or as Cloud native as possible, we are here to support you. Read more about how we can help you modernize your application step by step.

Kickstart your Azure DevOps

Azure DevOps brings together your organization's people, processes, and technology, and it automates your software development process. By effectively applying the DevOps principles, you can reliably deliver new software versions faster, more often, and you can respond faster to the needs of your customers and the continuously changing marketplace. Read the story about how Protomation delivers software faster and more often with Azure DevOps. Read more about the benefits of Azure DevOps here.


Co-Sell with Intercept

We help you sell more, not necessarily in a go-to-market strategy but technically. Of course, we help you to enter different marketplaces like Azure Marketplace, AppSource, Tech Data Stream One, or Ingram Micro’s “Cloud Blue”. With co-sell, we help you get to a market faster, take away technical blockers, such as integrating with different Identity providers, and help you automate the deployment of new customers in the region of your choosing. This means that you can service more customers with the same amount of people.

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Accelerating on Azure through continuous improvement

Besides renewing or recoding the application, making your application more cloud-native, or helping you kickstart your Azure DevOps, we have extensive support packages available if you would like us to manage the application as well.

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