Embracing Green IT with the Azure Cloud: opportunities for the ISV Community

We live in an age where the borders between the digital and the physical world are blurring, and it is becoming clear that our tech advances need to go hand in hand with our care for the environment. One key player in this journey is ‘Green IT’: an initiative to make our digital lives more sustainable.

Using the Emissions Impact Dashboard clearly shows that ‘Cloud Native software’ is much cheaper to run, easier to update, and more stable to run, but ‘Cloud Native Software’ also has less environmental impact.

Published: 25 July 2023

Why go Green with IT?

Green IT is not just about lowering emissions (though that is a fantastic bonus). It is also about running your business smarter.

Lower energy usage means lower bills, and adopting energy-efficient practices can help our tech to live longer, reducing e-waste and the cost of ownership.

But there is another angle to this. Today's customers, employees, and stakeholders care about making a difference and want to do business with companies that do the same. So, Green IT is not just a cost-saving strategy; it is a powerful branding tool that shows your organization’s commitment to sustainability.


Azure: our Green IT companion

How does Azure fit in this picture?

As a worldwide cloud computing powerhouse, Azure does not just provide a platform to build software; it is also a strong ally in the Green IT journey. Azure data centers are meticulously designed to save energy and reduce carbon emissions. So, by hosting our apps on Azure, your organization is automatically reaping the benefits of these green strategies without building them ourselves. Plus, Azure gives you tools to track your apps' energy consumption, helping you to understand how coding decisions impact power usage. This way, you can fine-tune our apps, making them greener with every iteration.


Embracing Azure and Green IT: what is in it for us?

What are the most important benefits of adopting Green IT?


  1. Efficiency and cost savings: With Azure's impressive computing power and green initiatives, you can make your apps run smoother while cutting down energy bills.
  2. Standing out in the crowd: By weaving Green IT principles into our software, you are creating products that are not just innovative but sustainable. That is something only some competitors can claim.
  3. Staying compliant and boosting your brand: By leveraging Azure, you are not just meeting the legal, environmental requirements but positioning yourself as a caring, future-thinking organization.
  4. Meeting market demand: Customers are looking for greener products and services as the world grows more eco-conscious. You can meet that demand and deliver genuine value.



Green IT, in combination with the cloud, is a duo for us ISVs. It provides you with the tools to innovate, the means to cut costs, and the tools to build a sustainable business. One thing is evident in this fascinating intersection of technology and sustainability: the opportunities are enormous and right at our fingertips.

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