Customer story

Intercept is X-ICT’s trusted expert partner for the last eight years

Intercept is the expert partner for more than 160 clients. We offer scalable IT solutions in the public cloud. One of Intercept’s clients is X-ICT, a specialist in the area of ICT infrastructure. We have managed and monitored the IT environment for more than eight years and advised scalable IT solutions. This partnership is vital to X-ICT. Business Developer Stefan Konijnenberg (of X-ICT) explains why.

Growth demands scalable IT-solutions

As of 2014, X-ICT started growing fast. They got more clients and expanded their branches and divisions. “This increased the pressure on our IT department,” says Stefan, “at X-ICT, we lacked the time and know-how to handle this appropriately. From that moment on, we started our quest for a suitable partner. One that could monitor and manage our IT environment but could also advise us about scalable IT solutions, which, after all, was crucial to make growth possible. Luckily, we found Intercept to be that partner.” 


Data always available due to the hybrid cloud solution

As advised by Intercept, X-ICT changed from an on-premise to a hybrid cloud solution (on-premise supplemented by Azure back-up). The hosting was still being managed by X-ICT, although the monitoring was taken over by Intercept. The switch was a good move for the company’s continuity. “This hybrid solution also ensures that we can guarantee our clients’ continuity because it significantly reduces the risk of an outage. For me, that means peace of mind”, says Stefan. 

X-ICT also chose to outsource the management of the IT environment. Stefan believes your application landscape should work for you: “As an IT department, you shouldn't want to manage your own IT continuously. With help from Intercept, we can now release many of the management tasks in full confidence, saving us time and ensuring that we can focus on new developments within our company”.

“The hybrid solution ensures that we can guarantee our clients’ continuity because it significantly reduces the risk of an outage. For me, that means peace of mind.”
Stefan Konijnenberg Business Developer

Flexible and efficient: the Modern Workplace

Intercept has recently assisted X-ICT with transitioning to a Modern Workplace by implementing Microsoft 365 and Teams. Stefan: “The advantage of this is that everyone always has access to the work environment. This is quite valuable during periods when people cannot come to the office for work, something we all experienced during the pandemic”. Stefan continues: “everybody using the same work environment is also efficient and will generate time for us.”


Confidence in the collaboration

 “The collaboration with Intercept is crucial,” Stefan states. “Just as our clients, we cannot function without IT information and data for a second. We must be certain that the data infrastructure is available and that there is a minimal risk of failure. That is something we can rely on, working together with Intercept.” 

Due to internal changes, X-ICT has ceased the partnership with Intercept for one year. Stefan: “After terminating the collaboration, we missed the know-how and flexibility of Intercept. That’s why we quickly turned it around”. Stefan adds: “When I call Intercept, I’m already certain that the solution is underway.” 


Results: low management and monitoring pressure and scalable IT-solutions

The collaboration with Intercept has been beneficial for X-ICT. Stefan: “The management and monitoring pressure has dropped significantly, and we have applied scalable IT solutions. This means that we can realize our growth ambitions and also optimally serve our clients”.

According to Stefan, Intercept’s distinctive capability is that they do not think traditionally but act progressively. “Intercept has enormous technical know-how during any conversation, as well as in the company’s manifestations,” Stefan tells. 

Stefan laughs when asked if the partnership is to continue in the short term, “without a doubt because if we don’t, we might as well ditch a 100 Euro bill every minute”. 

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