The next big Azure event... the 2nd edition of AzureLive on April 21

AzureLive is a brand new, single day event that will feature some of the best speakers and content the Azure community has to offer. 

Wortell and Intercept joined forces to set up this event. The idea was born out of a shared passion for Azure and the wish to do something for the community. In these crazy times where we all work from home, we think it's important to keep thinking in terms of possibilities and push even harder. We want to inspire people to get more out of Azure.

This is not just 'another'webinar, this is an one time
experience you don't want to miss!

What will I learn?
We will cover technical topics like: Architecture, DevOps, Governance, Security, Serverless, AKS, AI and many more.

Next to the technical talks, there will also be some IT Professional talks and Real-life Azure stories and examples.

Grow your business and get real-life examples. You will get the most (practical) insights from this event.

For who is this event?
This event is intended for everyone that wants to grow within Azure.

With our full program multiple sessions you can personalize your program of the day. This way, you can be certain that you are attending the best sessions that will fit you and your business. Invite your co-workers to gain new knowledge as a team! You can see the full program here.

When and where?
Mark your calendar on April 21st from 13:00 - 22:00 o clock.

AzureLive will be hosted and presented from our online AzureLive Studio. 

Who are the speakers?
Wortell and Intercept have selected the 12 best speakers from the Azure Community. Curious about the speakers? Click here.


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