Your journey into Data Engineering: Prepping Ingredients for Cooking

Prep your ingredients for cooking and get your organization up and running for the workshop Data Engineering.

This workshop will give you insights into the relevant services that are available on the Azure platform and the tools to determine the tasks of a Data Engineer. You will gain an understanding of the appropriate storage service to choose to implement a solution based on a given set of business and technical requirements. Also, you will become familiar with several transformation techniques using Azure Data Factory, Data flow, and Azure Databricks. And in conclusion, you will gain an understanding of how to perform data loads into different data storage options whilst transforming data.


What are the benefits of using Data Engineering?

1. Informed Business Decisions

Clean data helps make businesses making informed decisions. Using untransformed data will cost a lot of time, money and prevent uninformed decisions and quality problems. If you cook a whole carrot without cutting it up first, it takes longer to get cooked compared to when you cut it up in small pieces.

2. Speed and Efficiency

Clean and correctly stored data will improve the data gathering time as you don’t need to search where what data is landed. Your data is organized and you know where to find what. Just like in the kitchen where hopefully you didn’t store your milk in the dry store but in the fridge where it belongs.

3. Insights

Once your data is clean and transformed it’s easier to visualize and analyze. This way you can gain insights as well as perform predictions on future relations and prepare your business for it. Because of this, your marketing department will for example be able to use the data for targeted campaigns.  

Who is this workshop for? 

For those of you familiar with Data Engineering... this is the workshop for you! We’re going to prepare our ingredients for cooking. Please read article 1 Cooking with Data and AI to get an understanding of the analogy of cooking we perform at Intercept to help you with your Data and AI projects and gain an understanding of this evolving world.

Attendees of this workshop should have some expertise in integrating, transforming, and consolidating data from structured and unstructured data systems into a structure that is suitable for building analytical solutions.

Also, you should be able to interpret data through exploration and be able to build and maintain secure and compliant data processing pipelines. The attendees can ensure that data pipelines and data stores are high-performing, efficient, organized, and reliable.

You also need to know data processing languages such as SQL, Python, or Scala.

What can you expect during the workshop?

  • Data Engineering services on Azure
  • Data storage options
  • When to use which service
  • Data Transformation techniques

You will learn about:

  • Data Engineering Services on Azure
  • Data storage options
  • Data transformation and cleansing techniques techniques

All whilst cooking a dish and live demoing the Azure services and techniques for Data Engineering. Get ready for some interactions😉


  • Data
  • Data and AI

Apply now

14 February 2023 15:00 - 16:30
Microsoft Teams
Language: English


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