Go to market workshop

Learn more about the Go to Market strategies for ISVs

If you are a software driven organization and are switching from a legacy application to a SaaS application, your organization will undergo a transformation on five levels – strategy, finance, organization, go to market, and technology. In addition to the articles we have written we also give a workshop together with Microsoft about the impact of this Cloud Journey.

Are you considering moving your existing software/application to a cloud model? Are you wondering what different transformation areas you will go through and what the positive impact will be on your business and customers? Join this 1,5-hour webinar hosted by Intercept with guest speakers of Microsoft where we will cover several aspects in this digital transformation of an ISV.


Who is the session for?

The session is intended for software companies that already work with Microsoft Azure or are curious about the impact of the transition to the cloud. It’s a workshop that discusses business issues. Are you looking for a more technical workshop? View our workshop Azure Fundamentals for ISVs.


During this workshop we will guide you through the following topics:

  • Transformation areas
  • GTM strategies
  • How to grow business
  • Collaborate with partners

Microsoft will share best practises around:

  • Market Trends
  • Partner readiness
  • Geo Expansion
  • Co-Sell
  • Go-To-Market with Microsoft
  • How to grow faster by using the Microsoft Partner channel.


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So are you a software company and are you not sure yet about moving to the cloud? Or do you want to know how you can grow your business even better? Sign up now for this (free) online workshop.  


Partner Development Manager at Microsoft

Territory Channel Manager at Microsoft

Partner Technology Strategist at Microsoft

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