Deep dive Governance and Azure Policy

A deep dive into Cloud Governance for a secure, (cost) efficient, and compliant environment.

Governance is the framework of how your organization conducts business operations. Implementing your Cloud Governance in the best way possible results in a guardrail that guides your organization's cloud usage. Governance provides mechanisms and processes to keep control of your applications and resources. Governance in Microsoft Azure is implemented with the following services: Azure Policy, Roll Based Access Control (RBAC), Tenant and Subscription Management, Resource Tagging, and Azure Cost Management.  

You determine the rules your development team must follow for these disciplines early in the development process. The earlier you implement Cloud Governance in your development process, the better. It is an essential professionalization step. Also, it is difficult to implement Governance in an existing environment afterward. So it's time for a deep dive!

Difficulty level: beginner
Language: English
Duration: 1.5 hours
Cost: free

“Implementing Cloud Governance measures seemed counterproductive to me in terms of innovation, but the opposite proved true. After the workshop, we actively started working on our Cloud Governance. We have noticed that the 'guardrails' allow us to green-light the adoption of new technologies considerably faster. Super!”
- Participant workshop (ISV)

For whom is this session?

This session is suitable for all software-driven organizations (ISVs, application developers, and software vendors) working with Azure or planning to migrate to Azure. This session covers all the basics to set up your cloud environment in a secure, (cost) efficient and compliant way. We will dive deeper into certain topics depending on the questions and challenges.

More information

We will host this workshop digitally via Microsoft Teams. Check out the upcoming dates to the right and register for free! We will send you more information about the program after registration. Do you have any questions about the workshop? Feel free to contact us. And hopefully, we'll see you soon!


Wesley Haakman

Wesley Haakman

Lead of DevOps at Intercept | Microsoft Azure MVP | CISSP | Spreker

Gregor Suttie

Gregor Suttie

Azure Architect at Intercept | Microsoft Certified Trainer | Microsoft MVP

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