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E-book Internet of Things

Asking your Google Home how warm it will be today, being nudged by your watch to stand up, or letting your house be cleaned without touching a mop. It is all possible with the Internet of Things (IoT): physical objects that are embedded with software, sensors, and technology to connect and exchange data with devices via the Internet. 

IoT proved its value and that is why we dive into the possibilities and application of IoT regarding Microsoft Azure in this e-book.

What to expect?

  • An introduction to the topic IoT, including used cases in Azure.
  • The ideal plan is to start working on your IoT solutions, focussing on the device, data, connectivity, and provisioning. 
  • An explanation of the IoT Edge components together with Edge as a gateway and confidential computing.
  • Everything about Device Twins. What they are and why it's important to understand their possibilities.
  • How to use Device Twins to manage your devices.

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