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Intercept internationalizes rapidly with digital and local approach for ISVs

With the arrival of COVID-19 the world paused for a while. While many companies were waiting for what was coming next, we opted for a different strategy...

Reading time 3 minutes. Published: 01 September 2021

With our online workshops, location-independent proposition, and quickly growing international team, we built customer relationships in six new countries. We also joined the Cloudnative Community. And we opened offices in Germany and the United Kingdom. In addition to a digital offering and physical presence with local specialists, our internationalization strategy is an important success factor.

Maturity and potential

"Worldwide, we saw explosive growth in the use of public cloud services. This was the moment to change gears," says co-founder and CTO Rinie Huijgen. When the pandemic emerged, we realized this was the moment to investigate opportunities in new markets. "In doing so, we strongly looked at the maturity of the market and the potential of new and existing Independent Software Providers (ISVs)," says Deni Harrewijn, Global lead ISV at Intercept. That is how we chose our 4 focus regions: the Benelux, DACH, the Nordics, and the UK.

Global and local

Based on the potential of the new markets, and the growing number of colleagues in those regions, we will open two new offices in mid-2021: one in Munich and one in Newcastle. Rinie proudly explains, "We work worldwide, but with these two new offices we are now also physically present. With employees who do not only speak the language but also know how the local markets work."

Dedicated Azure-specialist

In terms of cloud adoption, the two countries are very different. "German software companies are often traditionally oriented and are still at the beginning of their cloud journey. While many software companies in the UK have already reached a mature status," says Rinie. Despite these major differences, ISVs in both countries are looking for the same thing: a dedicated Azure specialist, who understands their challenges and ambitions and knows their market well. We are happy to meet that demand.

International organization

The international expansion does not mean that we are shifting our focus away from the Dutch market. "The Dutch software market is large and leading. We are far from finished here", says Rinie. With the opening of these new offices, we do show that we have truly become an international organization. "We are literally providing our services on all continents and are fully focused on building an international team."

Global ISV partner

Our offices in Germany and the United Kingdom are just the beginning of our international expansion. "More offices will be opened in the future," explains Deni. "The choice of location is determined by the potential of the market, the local talent, and our ambitions. Our goal is to become the Microsoft partner for ISVs worldwide."


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