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What's new? Cloud updates | July 2022

What's New. We share with you three updates in the cloud from the month of July!

Published: 19 July 2022

1. Security update for VMs

Microsoft Azure clients can now construct Ephemeral OS disks, a type of disc built on local virtual machine (VM) storage that is not saved to remote Azure storage. This feature ensures that data can be stored more safely because communication is not sent to an off-site data center. More information can be found on Techradar.


2. Build apps faster with Azure Developer CLI

Microsoft recently shared the public preview of the Azure Developer CLI (azd) - this new, open-source tool revs the time it takes to get started on Azure. AZD has developer-friendly commands that show the different stages in your workflow. If you want to create a new application, you can use the code: azd up --template todo-nodejs-mongo. More information can be found through Microsoft.


3. Improve your GitHub skills

Did you know that you can now improve your skills in GitHub? Whether you are a beginner or a pro: you can dive in! GitHub Skills is built with GitHub Actions for a smooth, fast, and customizable learning experience. Take a look at all the possibilities.


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