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To help Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) accelerate application development and increase business opportunities, Intercept introduces the Cloudify for ISV program.

Published: 05 August 2019

Intercept ’cloudifies’ your application by transforming, modernizing and accelerating your business. So you can focus on improving your solution and stay ahead of your competition.
This sounds nice but what does it mean exactly?

View the program and the corresponding steps here:

With this program we help ISVs to benefit the rapidly developing Microsoft Azure platform. As a Microsoft Azure Expert Managed Services Provider we can help during the entire journey. Do you have any questions or would you know more about transforming your application? Please contact us!

What is Cloudify for ISVs?
Azure Cloudify is THE way to transform, modernize and accelerate your application. Whether you have a legacy application, your application is partially or completely cloud-based or your organization is already cloudborn. You want to be permanently relevant to your target group. Depending on your situation, your application or organization need something else, Cloudify for ISV offers you THE solution. The program consists out of four logic steps that will be used in the different stages.

This program aims to accelerate organizations and at the same time reduce the development costs. This will be achieved by exploiting the benefits of Azure. Microsoft Azure develops strongly and rapidly, therefore every industry and organization can take advantage of the tools and possibilities that are available. For example, plug and play solutions, you can use them easily without making substantial investment or invent it yourself.

How does it work?
Cloudify is a roadmap. A metaphorical train, in which you can join with your application at any time and at any place you want and end up wherever you want to go as an organization. Where do you want to go?

Cloudifying is the easiest way to prepare legacy applications for the cloud. With our solution you can transform every existing desktop and web application into a cloud-based offering and provide your customers with SaaS solution without having to rearchitect your application.