Meet our new colleague: Floor Anne Steevensz-Bakker

Meet our new colleague: Floor Anne Steevensz-Bakker. As of November 2nd, 2020 it is time for me to Intercept in the role of Customer Success Manager.


Let me introduce myself: my name is Floor Anne Steevensz-Bakker, 34 and living in Apeldoorn since 1 year. As of November 2nd it is time for me to Intercept in the role of Customer Success Manager. 

To Intercept, when you want to grasp every opportunity without ever losing grip on your cloud architecture. That summarizes exactly what I want to achieve together with you. Create space to brainstorm on ideas, identify new opportunities and close them together without losing control on our customer. When a new customer comes in, it is the start of the value exchange. Most of the mutual value grows over time as the customer benefits from their purchase and both continues and expands the purchase. With complex and evolving technology products, such as the use of Azure, customers need constant help to adapt and realize value. As your new CSM, my mission is to continue this customer value, identify where the opportunities lie and familiarize them with all of Intercept's services. Intercept's clear vision on how we help and guide customers to success fits in seamlessly. End goal 100% Happy Customers 100% Grow. 
I am therefore looking forward to start at Intercept, expanding my knowledge of Azure, to be able to learn from you and to take the next steps together with our customers, both nationally as internationally. 
In my spare time I spend a lot of time outdoors, nature walks with my family, like to visit festivals with live music. Last but not least I love to cycle,  so don't be surprised if I use my speeder, electric bike or folding bike to come to the office or appointments.  


Floor Anne Steevensz-Bakker
Customer Succes Manager @ Intercept


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