Meet our new colleague: Leonor Fonseca e Sá

In December, Leonor started as our new Data Engineer!

Tell us a bit about yourself

Hi! I am Leonor Fonseca e Sá, born and raised in Porto, Portugal. I am 26 years old and joined Intercept on the 1st of December 2022. I have a Master's Degree in Biomedical Engineering and work experience in Data Science and Analytics. After University, I realized I did not want to work in the medical field and devoted myself to improving my programming skills. I love everything technology-related and am always up to date with the newest technologies. I also have a strong creative side and in my free time I enjoy developing new skills, every year learning something new. This year it was sewing, last year, ceramics! What should it be for 2023?


Why did you pick Intercept as your employer?

I joined Intercept as a Data Engineer. After graduation, I started learning about the cloud and Microsoft Azure. I have worked as a Data Analyst in Azure for two years and loved every second of it. When I discovered Intercept, I liked the opportunity to be working with a technology I loved while having the freedom of remote work. However, my decision was made the day I met the Intercept people. It is an amazing company with amazing energy and team spirit


What do you like about the field?

What I like the most about my field is that it is always challenging. Data is like a puzzle. You have many pieces that mean nothing when scattered all over the place, but if you look at them closely, you can start building something meaningful by connecting different pieces together.

Your hobbies: tell us!

As I said, I have many hobbies, from painting to cooking, sewing or even playing video games. I am always busy doing something! When it comes to music, I don't have a favorite as my playlists are usually a crazy mix. According to Spotify Wrapped, I listened to 39 different genres this year!


Fun fact!

I lived in London for half a year, working as an intern in an Engineering Centre created in partnership between UCL and RNOH. It might seem crazy, but all I did to get this opportunity was send an email asking if I could join the team. So don't be afraid to take risks!


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