Meet our new colleague: Amarins Steffens

Meet our new colleague: My name is Amarins Steffens. September 1st I started at Intercept as a Corporate Recruiter. A challenge I'm really looking forward to!

"My name is Amarins Steffens. Born and raised in Friesland, I have been living and working in Zwolle for 15 years now. Now I am a Frisian Blauwvinger. The last 4 years I worked for Seven Stars. I worked there as a recruitment consultant. So IT is not unfamiliar to me. Corporate Recruiter is a new role for both Intercept and me. Together with the teams I'm going to see how we can add new professionals, build up talent pools and maintain our brand. A challenge I'm really looking forward to!

In my spare time I like to do crafts (knitting, crochet, embroidery... you name it), I'm in a choir and I play the piano. In the weekends I like to do fun things with my family."


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