Meet our new colleague: Richard Hooper | Azure MVP

Meet our new colleague: Richard Hooper. Hello everyone, my name is Richard Hooper, I live in Newcastle, England. I will be joining Intercept on the 2nd of November to become an Azure Architect.''


Hello everyone, my name is Richard Hooper, I live in Newcastle, England, I am originally from Oxford in England, I will be joining Intercept to become an Azure Architect. 

I come from a I.T Ops background with over 15 years in I.T. more if you include my childhood. I spent the last few years working for a software company looking after their Azure estate during a migration to a cloud native application, Microsoft Partnership and managing the application support.

I am hoping I can add value to the company and help our customers with Azure, AKS and more by using the skills I have developed over the last 15 plus years. I will also bring my experience of migrating and improving an ISV from a non-cloud native application to a fully cloud-native application. 

I am a Microsoft MVP in Azure and a Microsoft Certified Trainer. 

I have a passion for Technology and being busy working with Azure day to day is one of the reasons I joined Intercept. The last year I have been heavily involved with Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), hearing about Intercepts managed AKS offering is another reason why I joined Intercept. I have also heard very good things about Intercept and am really excited to join. 

In my spare time you can find me blogging, on twitter or organising an event. I also love watching films and going for walks in the Northumberland countryside. 


Richard Hooper
Azure Architect @ Intercept


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