Meet our new colleague: Wouter van Diepen

"Hi, my name is Wouter van Diepen and from July on I am working at Intercept."

Wouter 2

Tell us about yourself!

"Hello, my name is Wouter van Diepen and I am 32 years old. Together with my wife and two sons (2 and 0) I live in Wezep, The Netherlands.

Why Intercept?

Within Intercept, I will fulfill the role of Azure Project Manager as of July 1st. During my conversations with Intercept, I immediately got an enthusiastic and warm feeling about the company and the projects to be implemented. This also is why I chose this role—combined with the fact that I like the Microsoft brand.

What do you like about your field of work?

The best thing about my field is that no project is the same, and you are constantly challenged to keep each other focused. In addition, I like that we have a common goal with various people, the successful implementation of, in this case, Microsoft solutions.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

"My favorite hobbies are soccer and cycling, both practicing and watching it."

Tell us a fun fact!

"I enjoy sports so much that I can happily follow a cycling stage of more than 200km.

Welcome, Wouter!


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